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Certified Home Health Aide

caregiver combing her patient hairEducation

All of our Home Health Aide staff are certified and registered prior to patient care delivery.

Duties and Responsibilities

A home health aide assists in providing nursing care by performing simple unskilled nursing tasks. Activities may include:

  • Assisting with activities of daily living.
  • Encouraging client in self-help.
  • Turning and positioning patients.
  • Assisting with ambulation.
  • Assisting client to chair, bed commode
  • Giving bedpan and urinal.
  • Assisting/giving bath: Complete, Partial, Tub, Shower
  • Measuring and recording intake and output.
  • Providing oral hygiene including care of dentures.
  • Providing care of the hair.
  • Changing bed linen.
  • Taking and recording TPR
  • Changing simple dressings (non-sterile technique).
  • Preparing simple meals following dietary instructions.
  • Assisting with eating.
  • Maintaining clean and neat environment.
  • Informing supervisor of any change in client condition or family situation.