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Speech Therapy

caregiver and patient in the gardenEducation

Master’s degree in speech pathology and is eligible for membership in ASHA. The speech Pathologist must meet the education and experience requirements for a certificate of clinical competence in speech pathology granted by the American Speech and Hearing Association.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Speech Pathologist makes a diagnostic evaluation of the patient’s speech and language status and then formulates a treatment plan which is submitted to the patient’s physician. The Speech Pathologist will consult regularly with the patient’s physician regarding additions or modifications to the plan of treatment, as well as communicates with other members of the medical team to ensure well-planned comprehensive patient care.

The speech Pathologist provides treatment for the patient using techniques applicable to the specific problem, bringing the patient to maximum functional communication proportional to the severity and type of deficit. The Speech Pathologist will instruct the family and agency personnel in understanding the nature of the communication deficits and abilities and use of specific techniques to provide appropriate stimulation and management to best facilitate recovery of functional communication for the patient.