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Starworld Home Health Care Services is happy to offer a wide range of services. These services are client-centered and are provided based on a physician-approved care plan.

Please visit their designated links for more information:

Skilled Nursing
A skilled nurse performs a variety of duties to care and comfort for patients requiring medical services.

Physical Therapy
A physical therapist assists the patient’s physician in evaluating the patient’s current functional ability as well as setting realistic treatment goals for the patient.

Occupational Therapy
An Occupational Therapist assists the patient’s physician in evaluating the patient’s functional, motor, perceptual-motor, and sensory-integrative ability by administering diagnostic and prognostic tests.

Speech Therapy
The Speech Pathologist makes a diagnostic evaluation of the patient’s speech and language status and then formulates a treatment plan

Medical Social Worker
Our Medical Social Workers have training in case management, counseling and care coordination.

Certified Home Health Aide
A home health aide assists in providing nursing care by performing simple unskilled nursing tasks.