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Learn About Our Process

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how do I qualify and start skilled home health care. To simplify the process, we have come up with easy to understand steps on our process in getting skilled care started.

About Our Process

  1. We will need to check eligibility on form of insurance you have. Some individual may have multiple forms of insurance (primary and secondary). We will need your insurance information (card) to determine eligibility.
  2. The individual must be under the care of a physician. The physician needs to write a physician’s order for skilled home health care. Some examples of skilled care scenarios are:
    • Patient is getting discharged from hospital and needs post-op care on a knee replacement at home.
    • Patient is getting discharged from a skilled nursing facility and needs continued physical therapy at home.
    • Patient has diabetic ulcers and physician wants to have nurse help dress the wound at home.

    As part of obtaining order for our services, if you need orders for equipment or certain treatment, we will need to get those from your physician as well, as we help coordination on those items while you are under our care.

  3. Once we are past the first two steps, we can schedule to have our services to begin. Our intake coordinators will reach out to you to schedule the Nurse’s and Therapist’s visits, in getting the skilled home health services to start.
  4. Once your skilled home health care has begun, our staff coordinates the care we provide you to your physician. To ensure quality and appropriate level or care, this coordination continues until you are discharged from our care.